• Services include cleaning, charging and equalizing, and watering
  • Field and in-shop service
  • Available anywhere in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
  • 24/7 emergency response


Product Description

Protect Your Forklift Batteries with a Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Your forklift batteries are a major investment.

Of course, you want to protect that investment as much as possible.

And that means regular battery maintenance.

But for busy operations, committing to regular forklift battery maintenance is easier said than done.

The solution?

Signing up for a battery maintenance program.


How Our Battery Maintenance Program Helps You

With Foxtron Power Solutions battery maintenance program, we’ll take care of the core maintenance actions required to extend the life and health of your forklift batteries, including:

  • Battery cleaning: We’ll use a dry clean agent to neutralize any acid followed by a wipe down. This gives you protection against corrosion and improves operator safety. We also offer an additional, more intensive cleaning service using our self-contained washing system in our mobile battery washing truck.
  • Battery charging and equalizing: We’ll advise on the proper charging profile and equalizing procedures for your batteries. This maximizes the power capacity and useful life of your batteries.
  • Battery watering: We’ll devise and execute a battery watering schedule customized around your battery’s requirements and your usage. We’ll check water levels in each cell, add water when necessary, and maintain any water filling systems. This ensures the proper functioning of your batteries while extending their lifespan.

But our technicians don’t stop there.

With every maintenance visit, we look for any issues with the battery.

And we’ll provide a detailed report listing any problem areas as well as the necessary corrective action.

That way, you can get the full picture of your battery’s health and an action plan to correct any issues before they become worse.

Additionally, we dispose of all hazardous waste safely and properly, following local and EPA regulations.

Our technicians received top-notch training in the industry’s best practices for forklift battery repair, backed by decades of experience.
We offer fast response times throughout the entire state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
And our mobile service vans are equipped with the latest battery repair technology, so we can respond appropriately to whatever issues your batteries are experiencing.