• Services include: checking water levels, adding water, maintaining water filling systems
  • Field and in-shop service
  • Available anywhere in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
  • 24/7 emergency response


Product Description

Just like us, forklift batteries need water to survive.

Without regular watering, a battery’s power capacity is reduced and the risk of irreversible damage is increased.

The problem with battery watering – like other aspects of battery maintenance – is finding the time to water your batteries.

Especially if you have many batteries in your fleet…

The solution?

Signing up for a forklift battery watering program.

Our technicians received top-notch training in the industry’s best practices for forklift battery repair, backed by decades of experience.
We offer fast response times throughout the entire state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Plus, our mobile service vans are equipped with the latest battery repair technology, so we can respond appropriately to whatever issues your batteries are experiencing.