• Boost run times and productivity with enhanced capacity tubular design
  • Extend life cycles with the latest separator design
  • Improve safety and simplify maintenance with insulated, bolt-on flex connectors
  • Available in US standard cell sizes to fit any application



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Work Longer with a Foxtron TEC Forklift Battery

Looking to squeeze more productivity out of your forklift batteries?

Then consider a Foxtron TEC battery.

Higher Capacity for Better Productivity

Designed specifically for all motive power heavy-duty applications and multi-shift operations, Foxtron TEC forklift batteries provide for longer runtimes with more available capacity.

As a result, you’ll benefit from better productivity and longer battery lifespans.

And with standardized rated capacities ranging from 180 to 2,000 amp hours and available in standard US cell sizes, you’ll be able to find a battery to fit nearly any application.

Designed for Smart, Reliable, and Safe Operation

The Foxtron TEC batteries feature a tubular design that provides a greater surface area of active material over flat plate batteries.

This translates directly into greater productivity due to longer runtimes, with higher amp-hour capacity and performance, along with increased cycle life.

Additionally, Foxtron TEC batteries feature the latest separator design to deliver increased acid volumes and circulation, for more reliable power and extended life cycles.

Smart, Reliable, and Safe Operation

With our maintenance-free flex connectors, our batteries provide for an optimal current transfer from cell to cell with no voltage drop for better power discharge and longevity.

Moreover, the fully insulated cable design protects the flex connector from corrosion due to exposure to electrolytes.

This protection improves safety by guarding against accidental shorts, which can lead to disasters resulting from the careless laying of metal objects or tools on top of uncovered connectors.

Simple Maintenance for Lower Cost of Ownership

With Foxtron TEC batteries, individual cell voltages can be taken without removal of any shrouds or exposure to lead, resulting in improved safety as well as reduced repair costs.

And with bolt-on termination cables, terminal cable and cell replacement are much simpler, allowing for the use of a torque wrench instead of a torch.