• Designed to fit all applications
  • Heavy-duty components for maximum longevity
  • Manufactured with uniform capacity for consistent power output
  • Hand-made in the U.S.A.
  • Robust quality control program



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The Foxtron ES Forklift Battery: Your Everyday, Go-To Performer

Need a dependable, long-lasting forklift battery with plenty of capacity?

Then look no further than the Foxtron ES.

Run Longer, Faster, and More Efficiently

Manufactured with the highest quality materials under a strict quality control program, Foxtron ES batteries are designed to fit all applications while running longer, faster, and more efficiently.

Every battery is built to spec, tailored to your specific energy needs, and manufactured and assembled in-house (100% in the USA) by expert craftsmen to ensure maximum longevity.

Why a Foxtron ES?

If you’re running longer shifts or trying to do more with less equipment, you’ll find the Foxtron ES batteries are a perfect fit for your needs:

  • The only 2-shot formed batteries on the market
  • Requires less conditioning
  • Constructed for uniform capacity
  • Heaviest inter-cell connectors in the industry
  • Heaviest lead head in the industry
  • All contact tips are sweat-on (not crimped) for greater longevity
  • Each battery is weighed and stamped accordingly for accurate plate weights and uniform capacity
  • Each battery is checked for voltage and polarity prior to shipping