• Industry-best 92%+ charging efficiency
  • Charge lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Modular architecture for scalability and simple repairs
  • Optional PowerTrac system for multi-volt charging


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Product Description

Charge Faster and More Efficiently With a Foxtron Conventional Charger

Looking for a forklift battery charger that’s highly efficient, scalable to your needs, and easy to repair?

The Highest Total Charge Cycle Efficiency Available

Then look no further than a Foxtron conventional charger!

Our chargers are the highest efficiency combination lead-acid and lithium-ion forklift battery chargers on the market.

By using a series of parallel power modules, our chargers save energy and money by turning off modules as they become unnecessary for charging.

This modular design makes Foxtron conventional chargers the first full line battery chargers with efficiencies greater than 90% and peak efficiencies exceeding 92%.

One Charger for All Your Needs

Our charger’s “plug and play” modular architecture makes it simple and inexpensive to expand the power output to accommodate larger batteries.

As a result, the charger is scalable to your operation and eliminates the need to buy new chargers as your fleet expands.

And if you need to charge different voltage batteries, you’re in luck.

With the optional PowerTrac 3 or SP+ battery monitors, you’ll be able to handle any voltage battery, eliminating the need for multiple chargers.

Simplest Serviceability in the Industry

Foxtron conventional chargers will save you money on charger repair.

If a power module fails, the charger won’t shut down but instead will continue to charge until the failed module can be replaced.

And replacing modules is simple: Just remove a couple of screws, unplug the failed module, plug in the new one, and you’re ready to rock again!

Our technicians receive top-notch training in the industry’s best practices for forklift battery repair, backed by decades of experience.
We offer fast response times throughout the entire state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Plus, our mobile service vans are equipped with the latest battery repair technology, so we can respond appropriately to whatever issues your batteries are experiencing.